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  1. In EOC they have access to the abilities Barge and Slaughter that are crucial for attacking targets who attempt to run off, or the distinctive Attacks of AGS or Claws for heritage. A potency pure has just one workable weapon, which is that the lv60 Tzharr-ket-om, but can deal more damage per combat level with regular attacks in comparison to other types of pures. Although strength pures might have precision problems against competitors wearing armour, they can deal more harm than attack pures against competitors with lv1 defence. Getting to lv60 strength requires less time than 75/80/90 assault so you can start PKing faster, and mauls are extremely cheap to replace if you lose it upon passing. Strength pures have use of the strong Berserk capability, but will have to invest in a couple of attack levels in order to use a few of the useful Attack abilities in eoc, and totally lack a special attack in Legacy. Defence levels can be wholly disregarded in heritage, but in eoc the Freedom ability is essential. Leaf does make a good point, if dual Ascensions are better than Nox and worth roughly the exact same price there is no reason for you to not get them instead. Unless of course you plan to perform warbands using the Nox later on, but that is basically asking for a catastrophe to happen. No offense to you but much more experienced PvPers have dropped their Nox bows & comparable weapons because of mishaps (forgetting to recharge and having it fall while they are stunned etc) or thanks to smite users. And of course you'll become camped hardcore by waves of welfarers hoping to triple their lender that increases the chances of you losing it and also make warbands overall unenjoyable. Let's us to read OSRS gold information on rsgoldfast.
  2. Then, the ports themselves: What is worth updating? I have noticed most of the updates are reasonably expensive. I have been trying to upgrade my workplace to unlock a 3rd ship, but it's so dreadfully slow to RuneScape gold accumulate bamboo. Well ideally you should prioritize the updates that unlock new ships for obvious reasons, and that means you're doing this right. I believe all updates are worth becoming (except in the instances you've got more than just one, you can unlock them all but you can only have one active at precisely the exact same time so pick wisely). Concerning the team I basically have 4'bureaucrat' (well the perfect is getting the very best ones available to you at the time, I can not remember the names of some others therefore why I used bureaucrat - essentially the crew member that boosts the stats of other team members) team members; And then 4 Morale, 5 Seafaring and 4 Combat crew members; 3 Merchants; 4 particular team members (those that get unlocked through special voyages such as the Feral Chimera) This crew setup has always worked well for me, but there's likely better setups. I'll probably get rid of the Merchants shortly and get more particular crew members or something, because frankly I very seldom use Merchants. I used them only when I had been gathering trade goods to make the armours. As for the Captains I never cared much about the Speed stat. I have 1 Morale, 2 Seafaring and 2 Combat Captains of the maximum tier readily available to me in the present time. (actually I Believe I unlocked a new tier lately but have not found any of the new Capts yet) With eoc, weapons are more important than skills in deciding how much damage you can do. Pick either Attack or Strength, and instruct it without touching the other. An attack pure benefits from having the ability to Buy RS gold use high-quality weapons such as godswords, chaotic maul, and the Noxious scythe, and employing these weapons can strike high accuracy and damage against opponents wearing armour.
  3. There are particular activities for which prayer is almost necessary for and in the long term, this will be highly beneficial for you (in terms of saving prayer potions and thus bank trips and cash). For now, do not consider slayer for a money maker. Consider just trying to OSRS gold gain levels as quickly as possible whilst keeping minimal or no losses. Sell all of your slayer loot for Super potions (attack and strength primarily), prayer potions and various other supplies (you may want to consider cannoning certain jobs ). Additionally, remember prayer and summoning up to combat goes. Both of these skills are incredibly valuable towards slayer and are actually worth training. Your slayer loot will help cover coaching these stats because getting 70 Prayer and 68 Summoning would help you out a lot. Don't forget to loot all of the charms you'll get. A good deal of this may seem ineffective or Buy RS gold unnecessary but if you consider it down the road, all this spending will probably pay off when you are getting whips and boots. Also note that by no way am I implying to waste your bank on slayer. I'm simply saying use slayer loot to get slayer supplies.
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