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  1. Drear Admin, 1. Some of Apps are not Installing in my phone. Could you please fixed it. i.e. Android Weather. 2. Internal Memory of NX is 1GB. can you make it bigger in size as given in Primo H2 (2GB). can't Install more Apps. 3. Please take it as a serious issue. Thnaking You
  2. update successfully. But google+ insrall hoy na. internal memory full show kore. kichu apps sd card e move kora jayna. ontoto phone memoryte gele khoti ki. phone memory pray blank pore ase. onek dorkari apps install hoy na. Kichuta slow mone hocche. move to internal memory & sd card ase but phone memory nibo kivabe. chinta kortesi ager obostay ki fire jabo? Any opinion.
  3. My Phone was in Walton Care. They sent it to Dhaka. I don't know why? They handover it after Eid Vacation... Why they open Service Center in Sylhet? If they can't solve a simple problem. Bogus... Untrained Technician.... They are also not friendly with the customer. Show business for nothing....
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