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Trim Fast Keto at and stamina what a difference what are old these people are too like when you get old I feel like you just lose interest in sex a lot like you really just it's just kind of like whatever dude more to life I just don't I don't care about putting my thing in holes and you know having that small moment of pleasure you know but I'm a there's some people out there that are old that just like they get it on all the time which is gross now we got a gorilla that's anthropomorphize this gorilla looks real mean looks like a silverback gorilla that they painted green on the bottle here gorilla ax ultimate performance it seems like they got some 160 cast capsules in there that's pretty good muscle growth brain boost positive mood regain youthful Drive increase stamina focus memory and clarity can the stuff sounds good maybe I should get some of this shit made in the USA performance in a bottle one month supply grow it just has a picture of a dude that's super jacked with a dumbbell in his hand is justice grow and all you can see is his massive long through his underwear here and then he for some reason they they decided to make him flex so he's you know you like drive your fish towards the ground and then pull your thumb towards your midline and you get a nice little shoulder flex in there he's doing that but his fist is right next to his schlong that's you could clearly see the outline through his underwear right and it looks like he's just about to jerk off a dumbbell in one hand he's about to jerk off with the other hand he's like I'm gonna fucking I'm growing and I'm showing guy means fucking business and then it says effective and then it's got a person shaking the hand of someone else at a business meeting which you know if you're shaking that dude's hand with the same hand that you're flexing and jerking off with without washing you know probably not not a nice thing to do I mean if you want to be that guy go ahead I you know you gotta wash your hands after you do that shit

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