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root walton primo e8s

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note: this is my first post. forgive me if i did something wrong

topic: how to root walton primo e8s


1.magisk manager. (link: https://magiskmanager.com  )

2.official firmware and flash tool of walton primo e8s. (link: http://www.waltonforum.com/topic/6492-primo-e8s-firmware-flashtool-drivers/  )

3. hands

4. a working human brain 

the post was very big. also i couldnt upload picture over 0.49 mb..

so i put the whole tutorial in a pdf file

the full tutorial on how to root walton primo e8s is in the pdf file.

pdf (tutorial) download link given below

link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14wgJ2OvdE0fFmdr2lTwUTWFy_6l_oh5Q/view





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