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Primo RH3 Firmware, Flashtool & Drivers

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Flash Instruction of Walton_Primo_RH3_20180105_V06


Firmware Download Link- http://www.mediafire.com/file/mf50ga87pw7zsh0/Primo_RH3_Firmware.zip


1. Install driver (Auto Driver Installer for win 7 and windows 8 driver is VCOM)

2. Open Flash Tool & then open “Choose” (flash_loading) and select .bin file

(Primo RH3 Firmware\Software\Primo_RH3_20180105_V06\Primo_RH3_20180105_V06\DA_SWSEC.bin


3. Open Choose (scatter_loading) and select scatter file

(Primo RH3 Firmware\Software\Primo_RH3_20180105_V06\Primo_RH3_20180105_V06\signed_bin\ MT6737M_Android_scatter)


4. Open Choose (authentication file_loading) and select .auth file

(Primo RH3 Firmware\Flash Tools\SP_Flash_Tool_exe_Windows_17W16_MPKey_v5.1736.00.000\auth_sv5.auth)


5. Click Firmware Upgrade then select Download and then connect USB cable with mobile (mobile must be off)


5. Then start downloading/flashing firmware


6. When it shows Download Ok, it means the installation/flashing firmware is completed.



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