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Dear expertise , Amar Walton R4+ phone ti prai  year hoise kinesilam . khub valo legese use kore , Kintu Ojatha akdin mathai aslo root korbo phone, kno korbo  akta apps install korte hobe tar jonno phone ti rooted korte hobe . tai Playstore thk akta root korar apps install kori and root korar command dei kintu 80% howar por unsuccessful hoie jai and ami abr command dei tarpor same ghotnoa ghote . ami tarpor oi apps ta uninstall kore dei . But tarpor amk akta massage dei your phone have been rotted system file dose not work properly . So ami phone ta Restart dei then r phone ta r open hosse na.... open korle Welcome interface ta on hoie thake esara r next step e jai na.....Charge ses hoie gele abr bondho hoie jai ......... So anyone help me.

Service Center e gesilam tara toto ta care na kore direct bole dise j 7000+ taka lagbe eta thik korte .  

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