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Mystic os v5 for GF2 by SHORON

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                                                                                      Mystic OS v5.0 for GF2

                                       by   HR SHORON



Material themed
Marshmallow platlogo with game
Android version 6.0 in build prop
Android M bootanimation
Android M sound
MysticOS boot logo
Pre rooted & busybox installed
Added ABS tweak
ROM's size is only 230 mb
Framework themed
L lockscreen biggrin.gif
Android L inspired recent
Lollipop Status bar icons 
Android L notification panel
Dialer themed like lollipop
All other apps themed
Cm12.1 app icons
Nova material launcher
CM 12 launcher
Cm12.1 Music player and AudioFX
4 Ways reboot option
Screen record in power menu
Expandable volume panel
Delete button after taking ss
Clear all recent
Floating buttons in Calendar and mms
Logo in About MysticOS , About phone & Mystic settings
Partition info
Changelogs in About MysticOS
Smart gestures
ListView Animations
Toast Animations
Media Scanner on boot
Custom progress bar
Scrolling animation
CLock widget
Gesture Anywhere
Battery styles
Battery bar
3 network traffic tongue.gif
Clock & date option
Dynamic system bars
Carrier label in status bar
Low battery warning options
Navigation bar options
Enabled app ops
Multi user options
Auto starts , phone settings & screenrecorder
Ad blocker
Time in state
Performance control
Build prop modder
Engineer mode, font chooser, etc.. 


Screen Shots: http://www.droidtechbd.blogspot.com/


Downlod link: https://www.4shared.com/zip/R1WM-FmNce/MysticOS_v50_for_GF2_by_HR_SHO.html


1.You must have a rooted GF2 & 
custom recovery
2.If you are have rooted, just flash custom
3.If you have already flashed custom recovery, then
only proceed
4.Wipe data/factory reset in recovery
5.Wipe advance->dalvik cache
6.Flash ROM from sdcard
7.Reboot and enjoy ;D:D


CREADITS: 1)Raj Shekhar (Rom Developer)

                    2)MAD Team (ported from GM mini)

                    3)HR SHORON (ME :P )


Thanks To Almighty ALLAH. :D



>BE happy..... :))

>BE cool.......8)





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