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Marshmallow experience for ef2 (Mystiq Os V6)

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Mystiq OS v6 is here....


for Our ef2....


it's more smooth and battery saving than previous one....





CHANGELOG (V6.0)- ----------------- 

Added Dolby Atmos 

Removed some features from v5 which were not working

 New navigation bar 

Fixed contact, 

calendar sync

 Removed tast manager 

New logo in settings 

Time in state option in settings

 Ad blocker settings 

CM 12 launcher

 New setup wizard

 New google play services

 New Dialog boxes 

Removed Framework animations

 CM12.1 Sounds 

Fixed recent panel bug 

Fixed ss bug 

Fixed ram usase 

All other bugs fixed


Brought to you by JoKer™






rom link-





*****flashing method*****

custom recovery CWM is recommended

wipe data+ wipe cache+ format data+format system+format cache+wipe dalvik cache


then flash the rom.. 


first boot takes 4-5 minutes.. keep calm any enjoy.. 


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Does Breath Led Work or Not?

sorry custom roms can't enable er2 breath led properly..

link to asce na.....kmne download dibo....

copy the link and then paste in enter adress

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