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::: Sony Xperia Z2 Custom Rom For Walton Primo EF2 By Sumon TonMoy (me) :::

=> Fully Xperia Z2 :-D

=> Xperia themed.

=> Xperia Z2 Launcher.

=> Xperia Z2 Walkman.

=> Xperia Z2 Movie.

=> Xperia Z2 Clock & Weather Widget.

=> Xperia Z2 Bootanimation.

=> Xperia Z2 Media.

=> Xperia Z2 Sociallife.

=> Xperia Z2 Album, Smart Connect, Calculator.

=> Xperia Z2 Photo Widget.

=> Xperia Z2 Clock.

=> Xperia Z2 Calender

=> Xperia Z2 X-Reality Engine.

=> Xperia Z2 Contact Widget.

=> Xperia Z2 Simple Home.

=> Xperia Z2 Note.

=> Xperia Z2 Keyboard.

=> Xperia Z2 Style Settings.

=> Xperia Z2 Framework Animation.

=> Xperia Lounge.

=> Xperia Recording app.

=> Sony Sketch Font.

=> Sony Social Camera.

=> Sony Small Apps.

=> Sony Select.

=> Sony Sketch.

=> Sony Photo Editor.

=> Customizable Battery Icon.

=> Themed Dialer, Contacts, MMS etc.

=> Custom Lockscreen

=> Multi-Window Sidebar.

=> Visible brightness slider in notification panel.

=> Enabled On-screen Navigation key.

=> KMFly Xperia Boot Logo.

=> Build.prop Tweaked

=> Gapps Included.

=> Xperia Equlizer is viper4android

::: BUG :::

Kono Bug Nei.. Sudhu "Breath Led Setting" function nei...

ScreenShot :: http://bit.ly/1Evf0aa

Video Review ::

or, every-song.com/watch.php?v=SZfYZLrzme4

::: Download Link :::

Rom Link[567mb]- https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0Bx8FQ5GJibs8TVhJMkphVTI3cjg&export=download

Navbar Disable Patch[7mb]- https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx8FQ5GJibs8bDR1YkNUVWIyNnM/view?usp=shari

Navbar Enable Patch[7mb]- https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx8FQ5GJibs8UlBLZXR1RmVwSUk/view?usp=sharin

::: What Is Navbar Enable Or Disable Patch?:::

Ei Rom A Screen A Home,Back,Recent Key Ase Eta Bondho Korte "Navbar Disble Patch" Flash Korun. R Punoray On Korte "Navbar Enable Patch" Flash Korun.

::: Rom Kivabe Install Korben? :::

Goto Cwm Recovery

→ Wipe Data/Factory Reset

→ Wipe Cache Partition

→ Goto Mount And Storage, format system then data then cache and Go Back

→ Goto Advance Wipe Delvik Cache

→ Install From Zip Then Select File Ok

→ Follow Aroma Installer (it take 3-5 min)

→ In Aroma Installer Press Next Everytime. Do Not Change Anything o.O

→ After Install Success Unmark "Reboot Device" and Exit..

→ After Rom Install Wipe Delvik Cache And Reboot Device.

→ First Time Boot May Take 3-5min.

::: Patch Jevabe Install Korben? :::

After Rom Install Complete,Goto Cwm Recovery

→ Select Install From Zip Then Select File Ok

:-) :-) :-D Now Enjoy :-) :-) :-D ;-)

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