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Primo NF+ Official Firmware, Flashtools & Drivers

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Primo NF+ Firmware, Flashtools & Drivers Download Linkhttp://www.mediafire.com/download/h5cjxs9t75ia560/NF+_4.4.2_1.rar


1.  Install driver.

2.Open Flash Tool


2. Open scatter_loading and select SW---> MP_mt72_z18cl_n25w_niao_jb3_wcdma_mul_tphone_20140428-161722_lichunlin_PC)?  MT6572_Android_scatter_emmc_txt


4. Click  Start all, press volume up+down button together and  connect USB with Handset



5.When it shows Download ok in green, the installation is completed.




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I bought a Walton primo nf+ couple of weeks ago.... and during these days ,i faced some problems.After rebooting my phone , icons dragged to home screen just dissappear. In kitkat 4.4.2 , if you remove icon of all widgets and app from a home screen, that home screen should be removed.... But in my device , theres no way to remove a home screen , so there's endless blank home screens in my phone! and even any external launcher doesn't work.


And when i press the volume down and lock button to see boot screen , a thing called total test appears! Truly , it take  a true test of my patience........


Another problem is , how hard I try , i am unnable to root my phone.... I don't care about warranty... i just want to root.. And don't tell me i can't root android...... i have rooted loads of androids before...


And lastly i want to say , the system is full of bug... please fix these bugs.....

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