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The first custom rom for walton primo gh+

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The first custom rom for walton primo gh+

Rom name: xperia v1 by Aminul Islam

The rom is ported from gionee p4.so credit goes to them also..


Full xperia look UI

Xperia launcher




Removed unnessary apps

More free ram

Clear audio pluggin

Xloud pluggin

Xbass pluggin

Xperia keyboard

Sony bravia engine 2

Added script for better performance

Super fast rom

No lags at all

And The most importent fixed automatic brightness control

And The other apps are Full up to date.

How to install:

Download The rom.

Keep it on to your sd card.

Boot into recovery mode.

First take a Full backup your stock rom.then

Do a factory reset

Wipe cache

Go to mount And storage

Then formate data,system And cache.

Then Go to advance And Wipe delvik cache.

And then install zip from sd card.

After complete reboot your system.

It will take upto 5 mins.

Ok done.you have sucsess fully install your first custom rom.

Download link ; https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3j2xhunjV4JWHZFLWU4b3lmaFU/

dowload korar por 7zip dia extract korla vitora zip file ta paben.oita flash den.

for more join https://www.facebook.com/groups/primoGH8990/

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