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Found 12 results

  1. Download Mango SQ7 flash file, The problem with this file will be solved on your mobile. This file is 100% working. I used this file myself. No problem with this file. No damages problem. Mango SQ7 firmware flash file,Mango SQ7 firmware,On this page, you will find the official link to download Mango SQ7 Firmware (flash file) on your Computer. No damages problem. Download naw
  2. Reading Flash Content now ... Brand : WALTON ProdName : unknown ProdModel : Walpad C Device : MT8312 AndroidVer: 4.4.2 MTKxCPU : MT6582 MTKxPRJ : ALPS.KK1.MP1.V2.10 [Read Ok] : preloader_yecon82_tb_kk.bin [Read Ok] : MBR [Read Ok] : EBR1 [Read Ok] : lk.bin [Read Ok] : boot.img [Read Ok] : recovery.img [Read Ok] : secro.img [Read Ok] : logo.bin [Read Ok] : system.img [Read Ok] : cache.img [Read Ok] : userdata.img [ScatCFG] : MT6582 / V1.1.1 / yecon82_tb_kk / EMMC Android Info saved MAUI Meta DB saved HWConfig Info saved FW Size : 1073 MiB Scatter saved to : C:\Users\GSMSOHEL\Desktop\MT6582__WALTON__Walpad_C__MT8312__4.4.2__ALPS.KK1.MP1.V2.10\ All done! flash file downlod link Done! Elapsed: 00:12:07 Reconnect Power/Cable!
  3. Download Walton Firmware (Stock ROM) for All Devices This is what you need to download the Walton stock ROMs, aka Walton firmware flash files, for all Walton mobile devices. Flashing stock ROMs can help you update to newer or older versions of Android, fix bugs, unbrick the mobile devices, remove root access and custom recovery images, so forth. The Walton stock ROMs that you find here in this guide are no different to the Walton firmware that you get as over the air updates. The only difference is that you are flashing the files manually yourself whereas an automatic OTA update would download the files for you using the internet connection. Any OTA updates that may have arrived for your mobile device will become available to you if it is a newer version of Android compared to the version you are flashing here, and you’ll be able to accept and install them, as you would usually expect, when they become available too. Each mobile device carrier network usually has their own stock ROMs for their specific model numbers. You should always flash the stock ROM that is made for your carrier network if your device is still locked to that carrier. On the other hand, if your device is unlocked from the carrier, then you can install the stock ROMs intended for other carrier networks just fine. If the stock ROMs are not labeled as for any carrier network on the page, then it’s because it is an unbranded stock ROM, meaning you can install it on any device with the same name, no matter the carrier network. What not to do with stock ROMs: don’t ever flash a stock ROM that was made for another device. It won’t work and it’ll soft-brick your device until you manage to get the correct ROM flashed again. Download Walton Firmware (Stock ROM) for All Devices List of models Android 7.0 Walton Firmwares Flash Files Walton Primo H6 Plus Walton Primo H7 Walton Primo NH3 Walton Primo NH3 Lite Android 6.0.1 Walton Firmware Flash Files Walton Primo EF6 Plus Android 6.0 Walton Firmware Flash Files Walton Primo D8 Walton Primo E8 Walton Primo EF4 Walton Primo EF4 Plus Walton Primo EF5 Walton Primo EF5 Plus Walton Primo EF5i Walton Primo EF6 Walton Primo F7 Walton Primo GH6 Walton Primo H5 Walton Primo H6 Walton Primo HM3 Walton Primo HM3 Plus Walton Primo N2 Walton Primo NF2 Walton Primo NF2 Plus Walton Primo NH Lite Plus Walton Primo NH2 Lite Plus Walton Primo NX4 Walton Primo NX4 Mini Walton Primo RM3 Walton Primo RX5 Walton Primo VX Walton Primo X4 Walton Walpad G2i Android 5.1.1 Walton Firmware Flash Files Walton Primo GH5 Plus Walton Primo VX Android 5.1 Walton Firmware Flash Files Walton Primo E6 Walton Primo E7 Walton Primo E7 Plus Walton Primo E7S Walton Primo F6 Walton Primo G6 Walton Primo GF4 Walton Primo GH4 Walton Primo GH5 Walton Primo GH5 Mini Walton Primo GH6 Plus Walton Primo H4 Walton Primo NX3 Walton Primo NX3 Plus Walton Primo R4 Plus Walton Primo RM2 Mini Walton Primo RX4 Walton Primo ZX2 Walton Primo ZX2 Lite Walton Primo ZX2 Mini Walton Walpad G2 Android 5.0 Walton Firmware Flash Files Walton Primo E4 Plus Walton Primo EF2 Walton Primo GM Walton Primo HM Mini Walton Primo HM2 Walton Primo R4 Walton Primo R4S Walton Primo RM2 (V04_20150707.zip) Walton Primo RM2 (20150924_SC_ASW.zip) Walton Primo V2 Android 4.4.2 Walton Firmware Flash Files Walton Primo C3 Walton Primo C3 3G Walton Primo C4 Walton Primo D6 Walton Primo D7 Walton Primo E4 Walton Primo E4 Plus Walton Primo E5 Walton Primo EF2 Walton Primo EF3 Walton Primo EM Walton Primo F5 Walton Primo G5 Walton Primo GF2 Walton Primo GF3 Walton Primo GH3 Walton Primo GM (4.4.2_v1.zip) Walton Primo GM (4.4.2_v2.zip) Walton Primo GM Mini Walton Primo H3 (560 MB) Walton Primo H3 (703 MB) Walton Primo NF Plus Walton Primo NX2 Walton Primo RH Walton Primo RH2 Walton Primo RM Walton Primo RX2 Walton Primo RX3 Walton Primo S3 Walton Primo S3 Mini Walton Primo S4 Walton Primo X3 Walton Primo X3 Mini Walton Primo Z Walton Walpad 8X Walton Walpad 10X Walton Walpad C Walton Walpad G Android 4.2.2 Walton Firmware Flash Files Walton Primo D2 Walton Primo D3 Walton Primo D4 Walton Primo D5 Walton Primo E1 Walton Primo E2 Walton Primo E3 Walton Primo EF Walton Primo F2 Walton Primo F3 Walton Primo F3I Walton Primo F4 Walton Primo G3 Walton Primo G4 Walton Primo GF Walton Primo GH Walton Primo GH Plus Walton Primo GH2 Walton Primo H2 Walton Primo HM Walton Primo N Walton Primo N1 Walton Primo NF Walton Primo R2 Walton Primo R3 Walton Primo RX Walton Primo S1 Walton Primo V1 Walton Primo ZX Walton Walpad 7 Walton Walpad 8 Walton Walpad 8B Walton Walpad M https://a2zrom.com/download-walton-firmware
  4. Download Official Symphony R40 Care Firmware Flash File Without Password. Symphony R40 Firmware Collected From Symphony Customer CareSymphony R40 Flash File Official Android Pie 9.0 Customer Care FileSymphony R40 Flash File Android Pie 9.0 Official Customer Care FileSymphony R40 Flash File Official Customer Care File Android Pie 9.0Symphony R40 Flash File Official Customer Android Pie 9.0 Care FileSymphony R40 Flash File Official Customer Care File FRP Remove Firmware Download.Symphony R40 Sign Flash File 9.0 Pie Customer Care Firmware Android Pie 9.0Symphony R40 Flash File Firmware FRP Android Pie 9.0 >File Version: Symphony_R40 _HW1_V6>File Link: Download
  5. i need to know how to unlock the bootloader of primo ef7,, and root.. i know it will void warranty but i don't have any problam in that..i want to root it. please give me any solution.. and the lick of it official firmware
  6. https://a2zrom.com/download-walton-firmware
  7. Samsung S8 Custom Rom ------------------------------------------ Chipset: MT6580 Kernel: 3.18.19 Android: 6.0 FEATURES: Very smooth Touchwiz feature Always on display Edge Screen Flashlight toggle working Smart Manager BUGS: No Radio Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4-wF844psH7YmVrTENOUVVRQVU/view?usp=drivesdk Ported from HDC S8 SM-G9500 Firmware Credit: Abidur Rahman Abid (Me) Socrates (For sharing the firmware
  8. S3 Official Firmware, Flashtools & Drivers download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/22nx7top8cf9ue1/S3_4.4.2_1.rar # Install Driver by clicking “install” from “Driver” folder # Open Flash tool (Flash_tool.exe file from flash tools folder) 1. Set Scatter-loading (“MT6592_Android_scatter.txt “file from “Firmware” folder) 2. Select “Firmware upgrade” 3. Click, Download 4. Connect USB cable & insert battery It will starts SW Upgrading and After several seconds, it will show “ Download OK “ with green icon.
  9. download any walton firmware free flow link http://www.firmwarelink.com/download-walton-firmware
  10. Dear admin, what's wrong with your development issue??? Couple of days ago, you have released Primo_RM_102A_V8_0_4 Firmware version which does not support latest OTA update PRIMO_RM_102A_V8_0_5.... Even,the recent firmware version is still buggy and it has not been properly modified. However, don't make us fool by some so called OTA update even if it still lags in many aspects..... Either release same OTA update for Primo_RM_102A_V8_0_4 Firmware version or try to make a bugless LOLIPOP which was supposed to be released by this month. Hope you take it positively as well as seriously. Thanks for your initiative which is to be emphasized more and more to retain current customers than gaining new customers....
  11. Hello Walton, I'm a user of Walton Primo RM. I love the look and feel of the phone pretty much and I have to tell you that, you guys have done some awesome job on the outlook of the phone. That's really true. But any user would get a shock by using the User Interface and also the installed ROM of the phone. (BTW that's also true) :-) I know you guys are trying best to update the firmware, but you know, we are bit emotional peoples. We are eagerly waiting for the update. So please release some update for us. Also please release the firmware or flash-able stock, so our awesome ROM developers can develop some real good things for us. The phone need a nice user interface and also need better memory management. My cordial request to you guys, please release the updates. At least let us know, when you guys are going to release an update. Just don't tell us very soon. Also please make a sub-forum for Walton Primo RM. This is a great phone with a high battery backup, but it need some updates. Kind Regards, Provash Shoumma
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