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  1. This is the ONE and ONLY ROM which is totally bugless for Walton Primo RM. Really I like it. Extremely thanks to SHAKIL Bro
  2. Kew ki try korsen? Ei ROM e ki MX player hang kore or Game play korley ki lag or restart kore? Kono bug thakle please share koren.... Btw,Thanks to the Porter.
  3. Gaming performance is very laggy and the sound quality is very low....
  4. For the first time, I am really happy after getting it and flashing it properly.... Thanks,Arman bro
  5. Extremely thanks for such tremendous effort... Keep doing for the ultimate achievement. Thanks,Shimul bro
  6. Although, I tried it twice but it stops during system file installation process. Please check the issue....
  7. Dear admin, what's wrong with your development issue??? Couple of days ago, you have released Primo_RM_102A_V8_0_4 Firmware version which does not support latest OTA update PRIMO_RM_102A_V8_0_5.... Even,the recent firmware version is still buggy and it has not been properly modified. However, don't make us fool by some so called OTA update even if it still lags in many aspects..... Either release same OTA update for Primo_RM_102A_V8_0_4 Firmware version or try to make a bugless LOLIPOP which was supposed to be released by this month. Hope you take it positively as well as seriously. Thanks for your initiative which is to be emphasized more and more to retain current customers than gaining new customers....
  8. Dear Admin, this firmware is really buggy and whoever flashes this one, do not get latest OTA update which is crying need for all users. So,release same OTA update for this firmware version and give us a fresh and bugless lolipop OS by this month as you confirmed earlier. Thanks
  9. It does not work for me. I think the driver soft is not valid. Please recheck and give the latest driver for RM and release the OTA update soon...
  10. Admin,please release the OTA update by this week... However,is it included OTA update or not???
  11. Well said,bro.... Hope the admin would emphasize on this regard by releasing the update for our favorite RM...
  12. Dear admin, what takes you so much time to release the stock firmware and OTA update even after 20 days have been passed? No user is satisfied with the current buggy user interface and other hanging with lagging issue during HD movie playback,HD game etc.... PLEASE RESOLVE ALL THE BUGS AND RELEASE IT SOON AT THIS FORUM AND UPGRADE TO LOLIPOP BY OTA...
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