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  1. I love cynogenmod. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Then there must be problem with my way of install it, though I have followed your instructions. Can you please correct me.
  3. One of the important feature of my Primo RM is its OTG. And it is missing in your uploaded rom. I thought it is because of its rooting status, but even after unroot it is unavailable. The previousaly uploaded 8.0.5 rom has the same correctaristics, where I was able to get the OTG and USB recongination after I unrooted it. Can u look after it? Thanks agian for your effort.
  4. Bhi calendar, OTG and USB recognition fix koren please, other then this is really a almost bug free rom.
  5. I had to flash this stock rom 8.0.4. but now no FOTA update is available. What to do???
  6. Bug: 1. Sound - audio setting 2. Security app - cleaner 3. Miui Update downloaded but install fail 4. File explorer - cleanup 5. USB not recognizing, OTG fail
  7. We , users, may highlight all the flaws in it, so developers can get in to it.
  8. Is this really of 3000 mh bettary? Some time it drains so fast, I wonder.
  9. Problem is the non remuvable bettery.... When got hang.... Nothing to do but wait........
  10. very good rom, almost bug free. 1. Edit page, crushes touchwiz. 2. Searching...........
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