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  1. I hope we get an update because the bluetooth bug in 4.2.1 is terrible. I can not use the phone in the car with a handsfree kit!
  2. Hello, how do i make a full wipe on this device? Thank you Eric
  3. Hello, i search for help for a bug issue: I have an Audi A4 My 2014 with original bluetooth hands free kit. Around 4 months all works realy well. But from one day to the other, i can not take an incoming call in the configuration. Nothing was updated in the car and nothing was changed on the phone. I get an incoming call, the phone and the hands free rings. When i take the call (doesnt matter if on phone ore hands free) i am connected for 1 or 2 seconds. Then in the right upper corner i get the message "radio off" and i am disconnected to the network. Next u have to enter my PIN. I have no problems with the phone outside the car without the hands free. The hands free works well with other phones. So i am thinking that my problem es realy on the phone. Any hints for me? Thank You Eric
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