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  1. Trim Fast Keto by these that's another person it actually works super pleased with the results thrilled it is exactly as claimed feel the power of the bowl says two dolls these things are absolutely insane insane I was unsure gets messy then that last picture here so grow effective and then safe it's safe it has a single white female scientist looking at what seems to be a vial of urine and she's looking at it with confidence and mild curiosity you know she's done all the tests on this product it's safe don't worry about it it's gonna be okay you're gonna get everything you need scientifically formulated stimulate their brain health baby go guerrilla x or grill X onl go relax I know what Owen else did oh here it is Osiris nutrition lab see even that's like Manny Osiris sounds like a fucking that like a Egyptian king or some shit I don't know I could be making that up anyway Cyrus nutritional lab is one of the world's leading manufacturers manufacturers in a premium high performance dietary supplements our natural breakthrough pharmaceutical grade formulations have taken the market by storm and skyrocketed onl to become one of the top brands in the industry barbar unleash your true potential with Trim Fast Keto stars so you know what let's check out what other people had to say took away erection wait a minute whoa that's the exact opposite of what you want seemed to make me less hard while on these but I was making muscle gains pretty much I had dud dick I threw him in the trash dead dick oh it sounds bad no one wants a dead dick man what if your dick could die but the rest of your body would still be alive whoo I guess that's kind of what erectile dysfunction is as your dicks just not functioning I might as well be dead not doing anything but you know opening its little mouth hole so you can pee once in a while and even then some guys struggle with peeing dude like with prostate problems and shit when you get older you ever gone into a bathroom okay this is probably not for ladies but for you guys like you're gone into a bathroom and you get in there and there's an old dude pissing at the stall and they're they're just trying to squeeze it sounds like they're trying to pass a kidney stone first of all they're like and you you know it's a smaller bathroom so there's only a couple urinals so you move over one away from them but you're still hearing that hearing them right next to you struggling so hard and you hear the triple - it's not a strong stream it's not a strong stream at all actually it's a very light stream and they're such a pain on their faces um it's really disturbing because you know https://mumybuzz.com/trim-fast-keto-uk/
  2. Trim Fast Keto at and stamina what a difference what are old these people are too like when you get old I feel like you just lose interest in sex a lot like you really just it's just kind of like whatever dude more to life I just don't I don't care about putting my thing in holes and you know having that small moment of pleasure you know but I'm a there's some people out there that are old that just like they get it on all the time which is gross now we got a gorilla that's anthropomorphize this gorilla looks real mean looks like a silverback gorilla that they painted green on the bottle here gorilla ax ultimate performance it seems like they got some 160 cast capsules in there that's pretty good muscle growth brain boost positive mood regain youthful Drive increase stamina focus memory and clarity can the stuff sounds good maybe I should get some of this shit made in the USA performance in a bottle one month supply grow it just has a picture of a dude that's super jacked with a dumbbell in his hand is justice grow and all you can see is his massive long through his underwear here and then he for some reason they they decided to make him flex so he's you know you like drive your fish towards the ground and then pull your thumb towards your midline and you get a nice little shoulder flex in there he's doing that but his fist is right next to his schlong that's you could clearly see the outline through his underwear right and it looks like he's just about to jerk off a dumbbell in one hand he's about to jerk off with the other hand he's like I'm gonna fucking I'm growing and I'm showing guy means fucking business and then it says effective and then it's got a person shaking the hand of someone else at a business meeting which you know if you're shaking that dude's hand with the same hand that you're flexing and jerking off with without washing you know probably not not a nice thing to do I mean if you want to be that guy go ahead I you know you gotta wash your hands after you do that shit
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