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  1. Leptoconnect living in Croatia at the moment Jeremy so I'm in Croatia thanks Mike and you didn't repost her questions so Sunday I'm feeling good I got a lot of espresso in me and I decided today we're gonna do out to find out I brought a couple of these and it seems seems to me that there might be some interesting an anthropomorphic bull so it's got the arms of the cumin the pecks of a Greek god and just a real mean face real mean face shorter short horns though a short horn bull you know this Bulls angry about you need for maximum effect okay okay regain youthful Drive in confidence bull blood can give you the stamina control confidence and improve circulation basically all that other good stuff peak performance power pumps and performance are just the beginning of what you'll experience with this explosive herbal plant I love it do they always power explosions like it's all manly stuff you know what's more manly than powerful explosions you know let's see what's in the form it's got a thousand milligrams of horny goat weed maca root which apparently is good for sexual performance and an enhancement hmm it's got 4.1 stars out of five not bad 72% of these ratings are five-star with very little in the middle there and 17% is one-star hmm all right let's see Jay Mahoney over here worth https://mumycares.com/leptoconnect-review/
  2. Leptoconnect link it below as well and it talks about what a multivitamin that he do like because it actually does an analysis and it tells you what you need there is a lot of other good nutrients pure encapsulation does a good nutrients as well I will be happy to put a couple links below on supplement I love I can give you a link to my medicinal so you can get discounts if you want discounts on good someone's hello casual preparedness nice to see you from Alabama so that answers a question on multivitamins why I believe they're necessary because our food supply is cruddy and we need extra nutrients even may I eat really well and I juice and we'll take multivitamin supplements as well just to make sure I'm getting my nutrients any other questions about supplements pills male enhancement etc Mike no that's incorrect because the FDA cannot well they don't
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