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  1. Primo F4 Official Driver, flashtools & firmware download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7epp5nfl44mizwp/F4_4.2.2_1.rar 1. Install driver. 2. Open Flash Tool 3. Open Download Agent and select MTK_AllinOne_DA 4. Open scatter_loading and select scatter file SW--- MT6572_Android_scatter.txt 5. Click Firmware->Upgrade and connect USB cable with mobile (mobile must be off) 6. Then start downloading.. 7. When it shows Firmware Upgrade , then installation is completed. After Firmware Upgrade give Reset to Factory setting to get all apps.
  2. Firmware, Flashtool, Driver download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?yi3bfexnvfvmj22 Primo C2 Firmware upgrade instruction 1. Install Driver 2. Open Flash tool ( Flash tool.exe file from flash tools folder) 3. Set Download Agent (“MTK_AllInOne_AS.bin” file from Flash tools folder) 4. Set Scatter-loading (“MT6572_Android_scatter.txt “file from Software folder) 5. Click Firmware->Upgrade in Flash tools 6. connect the handset to PC with USB cable and then Insert battery It starts downloading now and After several seconds, it shows a green-circle popup and sw flashing completes.
  3. WALTON Primo H1 Software update (AP+BP) Guide Here is the download link- http://www.mediafire.com/file/1eiiby2eydt9j0e/H1_Official_firmware.rar Driver installation 1) Install AP part driver Power off handset, press “Power key + Voice Up key” until the screen shows green, plug in usb cable, PC will remind you of installing new hardware. Unzip “ Driver”, select adb driver file, install AP driver. Path: Right click on My computer>Manage>Device manager>Android(Yellow notification)>Update driver software>browse path> select adb folder >Continue anyway>finish When you install AP driver successfully, you will find “Fastboot interface” in device manager. As below 2) Install BP part driver (i) Power off handset, press “Power key + Voice down key” until the screen shows QPST mode, plug in 5Pin USB cable, Unzip “Driver”, select HK11-VB717-27_1.0.56 driver file, install BP driver. Path: Right click on My computer>Manage>Device manager>Tiyanyu HS-USB Driver (Yellow notification)>Update driver software>browse path> HK11-VB717-27_1.0.56\Win32\x86\free >Continue anyway>finish. (ii) When your BP driver is installed successfully, you will find Qualcomm HS-USB ports in device manager. As below: Software Upgrading: 1.Download BP Open EMMC_Download_V1.2.4 tool, set your handset into BP mode (Power key+ Voice down key) and connect your phone with USB cable. 1. Click set path>Browse folder>Select 593517_8734_WCDMA_V0038 2. Click Download 2.AP Download: Open Qualfast 2.0.5 tool, set your handset into AP mode (Power key+ Voice up key) and connect your phone with USB cable. 1. Click Set path>Browse folder>Select 593517_8734_V006021 2. Click Ok for Start download. 3. Run *#8929# 4.Built-in apps installing a) Put update_walton_H1.zip into root directory of SD card . Run *#8348# Note: If your antivirus detects Flash Tool as virus, disable your antivirus till software is finish.