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  1. All that you needed to know about online check -in at Spirit Airlines! If you have got your bookings done on Spirit Airlines and you are seeking the answer of how to do online check in for Spirit Airlines, below gives the answer about check -in process of Spirit Airlines: Online check-in can be done using web portal or Spirit Airlines app. Check in process begins 24 hrs prior departure and ends in an hour prior to departure. Also during check -in you can buy last minute bags or a seat assignment. But there are some restrictions for making online check -in, following gives a glimpse on the restrictions: Unaccompanied minors are restricted from making online check -in. There is also restriction on guests who travel with pets or guests who travel with psychiatric/support service animals to make online check -in. If there is group reservation for 10 people or more, then, one cannot do online check -in. People who carry lap infants cannot do online check -in. For more information regarding online check -in, you can call on the following number: Spirit Airlines Reservations This is the helpline number introduced by Spirit Airlines. Spirit Airlines works diligently to provide easy access for its customers. So, whenever you need to make a detailed enquiry or needed assistance regarding the services of Spirit Airlines, you can call on the given number and get to know about the services of Spirit Airlines. Another helpline number provided by the Spirit Airlines, so, whenever you need to make any enquiry, you can call on any of the given number and know about the process and rules and regulations of Spirit Airlines. Spirit Airlines Reservations executives are adept, professional, skilled and provide in depth solution to its customers. So, you can contact the customer service anytime as they are available round the clock, and get to know about the services of Spirit Airlines. Spirit Airlines is a low cost airline which operates upto 60 destinations across US, Caribbean and Latin America. Spirit Airlines offers best deals, to know more contact the customer service.