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  1. Weight as necessary. -Side dumbbell raises: five sets of twenty, ANd don’t go light! It’s okay to begin the set with degree honest vary of motion, however to complete it with some partial reps and cheat reps. aspect delts grow best from a band of nice weights AND high reps! -Reverse Pec-dec: five sets of twenty five. This time, be as strict as getable, and build each set burn! The rear delts grow well from many volume and pain. What quite music does one hear once you unit operative out? Hip Hop and necessary Metal! Go heavy or go home! what is happening to your work and diet appear as if once you are making an attempt to induce lean? If you purchase into all that high-reps-for-cuts....Anabol X1 http://www.activebodyproduct.com/anabol-x1/