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  1. Plz Plz Give Nougat Update To Primio HM3+ Coz Its Full Fill All The Requirement To Get Nougat Andriod 7 Update And All The HM3+ User Plz Request To Walton Autority to Get Nougat Update
  2. After Some days use of Walton Primo HM3+ There have a problem.Where mobile data connection was connected but after some moment its disconnect automatically and reconnect automatically and this process began to repeat after 15 days of use so what should i do and one thing more which operator sim was active for data connection its network signal always remain low Plz Plz Plz Give me some suggestion or some system update for resolve this.Its very much difficult to talk on imo other person in imo doesn't hear full sentence without repeat 1 or 2 times. Plz Find some solution (Phone 01677660632 Email:saifurrahamanrussel@gmail.com)
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