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    ef4 ecolbeto!!
  2. CyanogenMod 13

  3. MysticOS v7 Stable

      MysticOS v7 by Raj Shekhar   Brought to you by Joker   changelogs:- New CM styles in all system apps recent bug fixed new contacts new callui added audiofx new battery styles new fmd panel non apk supersu non apk font changer material root explorer search button in settings headsup notificationss   and many more... find and enjoy   Download Link:-!EgxzTQgJ!CoznZLmoahC_5vuFauunJTfyFBYyE3w0ULIdJNEPyMY
  4. CyanogenOS 12.1

      CyanogenMod 12.1   its an OS of Branded phone like samsung, xperia, htc, oppo, oneplus etc etc..   but An amazing Dev brought this to mtk variants   So Our Primo EF2 should also have its flavor...   Here we are....   #features - 100% real lollipop - good battery backup (not best) - fast charging - built-in call block option - prerooted (supersu) - more HSPA coverage - advanced power manu - cm12.1 themes support - privacy and multi-user support - headsup notification - net stability - smooth and fast performance - fully customizable - card stack recent - advance app manegment - and find more....   #working:- - everything   #not_working:- - not found   #screenshots:-     #Download link-!lhx23IyD!2AQUzILYl5UH0eRfhd8Jf03-E32OB3R18b2yKOJQPLI     it takes long time and hard work to make this working for primo ef2...  its more difficult to make this full bug free   i tried my best and here it is Please give me proper credit for this rom.   credits- Mr.Google Munna Bro Munir Bro Cygwin kitchen Mixplore winrar javascripts and my idle brain..   #flash_method:-   Use TWRP Goto recovery then wipe menu advance option mark all except external and usb-otg and slide away then install the downloaded zip file..  wait to finish and reboot..   its done..   first boot takes some time   enjoy   xposed flashable zip:-!JoY32D4Q!I8Hr4F_jZcjUDsx6zsUMJ7rQxXFrR-KMyjUdfUDlsCg     flash this after first boot.. then xposed module will work fine without installing it manually!!   
  5. TWRP 2.8.7 recovery

      twrp 2.8.7 source build from tecno_h6 device just for primo ef2...   no more installation abort on perfect script no more md5 checksum errors fully materialized (u won't believe that it's a recovery) its fast and smooth themes and keyboard support easy to use (noob porters friendly) built in aroma file manager battery friendly clock and customization support and many other features...   size:-9.7mb   link:-   ‘Rashr' is recommended for flashing the recovery.img   credits:-,, tecno_h6 device, apktool & my idle brain..  
  6. is there any original lollipop custom rom???

    yes.. but that's so buggy
  7. copy the link and then paste in enter adress
  8. At last real Aosp Lollipop for ef2

    bugs r from cm12.1 source code.. and its not official.. these can't be fixed..  and there are different xposed tools and installers for different android version.. u can try lp xposed installer
  9.   Mystiq OS v6 is here....   for Our ef2....   it's more smooth and battery saving than previous one....      DEVELOPED BY RAJ SHEKHAR    CHANGELOG (V6.0)- -----------------  Added Dolby Atmos  Removed some features from v5 which were not working  New navigation bar  Fixed contact,  calendar sync  Removed tast manager  New logo in settings  Time in state option in settings  Ad blocker settings  CM 12 launcher  New setup wizard  New google play services  New Dialog boxes  Removed Framework animations  CM12.1 Sounds  Fixed recent panel bug  Fixed ss bug  Fixed ram usase  All other bugs fixed   Brought to you by JoKer™   screenshot-   rom link-!hwggCL4Z!vO5cobNQnkhUTBAqJN903B2RhgiW7W1rMB_OUXMqJps     *****flashing method***** custom recovery CWM is recommended wipe data+ wipe cache+ format data+format system+format cache+wipe dalvik cache   then flash the rom..    first boot takes 4-5 minutes.. keep calm any enjoy..   
  10. At last real Aosp Lollipop for ef2

    Link fixed guys!! Cwm recovery will be best
  11.   All EF2 users' are brothers ....   hey guys I'm a newbie dev/porter...  I'm here with a Awesome ROM for Our sexy EF2   it's lollipop based...   yes.. finally its real aosp 5.1.1 cm12.1  base ROM   Features : - All CM 12.1 features + OctOS features - The battery life is way too good - Battery from 84 to 83 after 45-50 mins standby - Walkman Added+Audio patch What's Working : - SMS receive and send - Incoming and Outgoing call working - Camera working - Video recording working - Install Videocam Illusion from playstore - All ROM features working - USSD working on a few carriers - Audio working - Wifi, Bluetooth, SIM working - SIM 1 and 2 working - Data working on SIM1 only - GPS/A-GPS (It seems to be working, please do not report if it is not working) - Notification LED - 1080P Video Playback - Storage is working - Detecting both SD card and Internal memory   #But its not bug free guys..... -hotspot (it opens but can't be discoverable) -sound recorder doesn't find microphone     All Credit goes to:- Cyanogen team OctOs team mtkroms computer+android and me (JoKer™)   screenshots-   ROM link-!lsYTAQAR!tfk2LWdeCl3-3Qg5r5VCHKuRggZLvfbqLs_Lux6x2u8   Gapps link-!swICgAhb!NbQsc3EzX4po8jR3dGKQNrP2y3-aKGXkbD3033X2WYM   Audio patch link-!thYD2T5Q!pyGnm-CUejlGEdWwqE4Xi5NFFJcZOi-Kdjm_0wVpLKo     Flash process:- (CWM custom recovery is recommended)  1st clean up your old ROM, 2nd flash  the ROM  then flash gapps .... Then audio patch flash...  Its done reboot now...   1st boot take a few minutes...    Enjoy lollipop and Cyanogenmod