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  1. Hi there, I don't kniw how, but my phone stopped working very often nowdays. I was started a few months back. At first is suddenly crashes, but a few weeks ago it becomes intolerable because I was unable to make any call or sms by sim1. I reseted my phone using boot manu, it gives me relife for about 1 week. Now it has strted again. Please look forward to this solution. I am a fan of Walton, don't make me to give up on you. Thanking Gourab
  2. I think they are blind or duff....!! So manyquestion on that topic, but no reply...
  3. What do you mean by "lollipop interface"??
  4. Hi there, I am facing so many problems after Lolipop Upgrade. 1. Vibrate on Touch not working. 2. Proximity Sensor is acting crazy. 3. Some apps keeps crashing. 4. Often screen freezes. 5. Cannot connect my phone to pc with USB.. Waiting to hear something from you...
  5. Hi there, It has been about one month, I brought my Primo RH2 phone. All my previous and afterwords released phone has get their chance to upgrade into Lolipop. Please Hurry... Waiting to hear something from you very soon....
  6. Hi, brought my Primo RH2 two weeks ago. Since the beginning, i am unable to use Facebook messenger. That is pretty annoying. I have tried factory wipe twice, but not solved.. any suggestions please....
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