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  1. TWRP 2.8.2 (Most Modern, Material designed recovery) If you are an android lover, you may have heard about TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project). Well, I just ported it successfully for our Primo RX3. It will change your mind on how you think about recoveries. (This is tested and all possible issues are solved) Why use TWRP: 1. I compared it with Philz Touch, and TWRP is of course better than Philz (compared to UI, options and accessibility). 2. Complete themed material design, it will blow your mind. 3. You can backup NVRAM and Boot Logo too 4. You can use File Manager (do cut copy paste delete etc) directly from recovery (also AromaFM included) 5. You can download and change theme if you want. Let's start... But before that, download the zip file and EXTRACT it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzowM0RegHdRNFJ1Q0k4clhhcTA/view?usp=sharing Part 1: Installing recovery Very easy. I assume you have MobileUncle Tool and your phone is rooted. -> Place the recovery.img in the root of internal storage. -> Open MobileUncle Tool and tap Update Recovery option, you will see the recovery.img. Select it. -> When finished, it would show you an option to boot into recovery, just accept. -> There is 99% possibility that you didn't see any theme as expected. Don't worry, we're not finished yet. Part 2: Using themes/aromafm -> Besides the recovery image, you will also see "aromafm" and "theme" folder provided with the file. -> Use any root file explorer and navigate to the topmost level of your device (Not the topmost/root level of your internal sd/external sd, instead the topmost level of your device) -> Copy the "aromafm" and "theme" folder to data/media/TWRP/ (or in some cases data/media/0/TWRP/) Boot into recovery and see the magic. Using AromaFM: By default, aromafm is disabled. After booting into recovery, tap on the "Color plate" icon in the top right corner, just beside the Gear icon, there select "Use Aroma File Manager". Troubleshooting: If you cannot copy the theme and aromafm folder in the TWRP folder or the copy fails, you have to reboot into recovery and wipe "Internal Storage", note that this will remove all data in your internal storage. Also, be double sure that you are copying the files to the right place. You will surely find a TWRP folder in your SDCARD too, but that's not the right place to copy. Instead, as I have mentioned, you have to use a root explorer and copy these two folders in data/media/TWRP (I did a lot of hard work to port this and the themes. Please let me know if you like it. A simple "thanks" is always appreciated)
  2. Why replace KingRoot: 1. It has got excessive Wakelocks, which is responsible for draining your battery. 2. Some apps can't send root request to KingRoot, such as: Tasker 3. Less options than SuperSU 4. Above all, your love for SuperSU (if you used it before then you know it) So, in this tutorial, I will help you to replace KingRoot with SuperSU (tested on stock/default rom). Requirements: 1. Philz Touch Recovery 2. Working Internet Connection (which you already have, if not, how are you viewing this post?) For your better understanding, I will divide the process into 2 parts. Don't worry, it's very easy to do. Let's start... Part 1 (Removing KingRoot): Go to Kingroot > Settings (gear icon on top right) > Root Authorization Settings > Remove Root Access. Let it do it's work. It may take around 1 mintue to complete. Part 2 (Installing root and SuperSu): 1. Reboot your device into recovery again. 2. Now click Reboot in your recovery (yes, you heard it! you entered the recovery only to use that reboot option, not anything else) 3. Here comes the most important part. Now as before, it will show you some message before ACTUALLY rebooting. First message is about the warning of flashing stock recovery, just click No. You will see a new 2nd message. It would say something like, "Root Missing/Broken". Just click "Yes" and your phone will reboot normally. 4. Now install the latest version of SuperSU (free) from Play Store. 5. Open SuperSU, it would ask for binary update. Accept and click "Normal" button. Give it some time to finish. 6. After you see "Installation Success", Reboot your device DONE! Enjoy SuperSU. NOTE1: If you have already tried some other methods to replace KingRoot with SuperSU, but failed, then this method may not work because you have tempered some system files. You have to follow some other ways which is out of scope of this post (like restoring a previous fool-proof backup or flashing the stock rom). NOTE2: As you may wonder, "Can't I do it in a short way?". Well, the answer is, "I already tried all the possible short methods, but they won't work at all". This is the best method.
  3. Can you please rewrite the post? I think there's some font problem, can't see any of the words via android.
  4. RX3 is widely available in the market, but why isn't there any section for the latest phone? We want it as soon as possible.
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