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  1. You can get the stock rom in the "Official Release" section (http://www.waltonforum.com/index.php/topic,2921.0.html) Flash it.
  2. Ok, I have tried it last night successfully. few observations : ============== # If you flash Gapps, you will get all google services like market,gmail,gtalk etc. but the launcher of this firmware will not show those. So as a work around, if you install nova launcher or any other launcher, you can see hell lot of other applications too. So no need to install market # After flash the rom , i recommend to do a factory reset before you boot for the first time. # The set gets heated using WIFI for half an hours which didnt happen in stock rom. so I rolled back to original firmware today morning. # battery life seems better then the stock rom # overall the rom is great for daily usage, its fast and stable. didnt find any bug. Thanks for the effort. will be waiting for more Custom rom. what about Cynogen and MIUI ?
  3. From where to download the market?
  4. Will try today and let you know. But i have to give a big salute to you for ur effort !
  5. Did you try to flash the gapps for 4.2 ?
  6. whats the benifit of having CWM on walton ? what will we flash ? do we have any custom rom ?
  7. Hi, I have installed the camera and it seems working fine. Why the stock camera has to be replaced by lenovo ? any specific reason ? Do we need gapps 4.2.1 for running this app ? Thanks
  8. a New Firmware with full nice procedure. Question is, why anyone will update his firmware without knowing what he will get ? is it only the Ringtone ?! Crap ..there are many other bugs mentioned in the forum. Please share the details change log !
  9. Any Solution for HEAT issue ? NX got heated within very short time with few mins video recording or 3G data usage. Please solve the issue.
  10. Hi, I am facing this issue since the beginning. I still couldn't figure it out, which event made it reset. everytime i set a ringtone both from internal or external ... after sometime.. the ringtone changed automatically to "Walton Banshi". I have checked with another N1 User and she faced the same. Anyone has any solution for this ?
  11. What will happen with Cwm ? what we can flash with this ? any customer rom available for walton ?
  12. Could be ! I heard Walton is releasing a 4.1.2 where they will fix some bugs in which this dim issue included.
  13. Its a problem with the OS. because of the "Power Saving" mode .. it goes dim. now i dont know how to stop power saving mode , the options looks too confusing like "normal" / "close" / "super long standby" ! Anyone knows how to disable "power Saving mode" ? if somehow it can be disabled, the problem will be fixed !
  14. if it is not rooted then why the app is saying its rooted ?
  15. Hello, During skype call the front camera goes very dark . Anyone faced this issue ? any solution ?
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