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    LolliFox v4 new modification ROM

    The Lollipop VR ROM is named now LolliFox. The actual version is V4, and first. This means it is still in BETA. This ROM is actually bugless. All bugs are solved/fixed. How to install : 1) Put the ROM in your SD CARD 2) Turn off your phone into recovery mode 3) Wipe/Data factory reset 4) Install LolliFox v4 (There is a PATCH with Xperia KEYBOARD. You need to flash it, because there is no KEYBOARD in ROM) Sorry for that. 5) Enjoy !
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    Anybody facing screen flickering on your gf2? Never rooted and using Walton's own KitKat 4.4.2 preinstalled ROM? What's the solution to remove screen flickering??? Urgent help please..
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    It says in the official website that RH2 is upgradable to latest lollipop version. It says OTA update enabled. However there are no specific details on how to upgrade to lollipop in details or how to use OTA update. None of them seems to work. OTA update center says ROM and Karnel necessary files are not there and the device not compatible which goes against the detailed specification provided in the official website. Also I cant seem to find how to upgrade it to lollipop version; wireless update says kitkat version is the latest and its up to date. Also facebook messenger crashes every time its launched! I am looking forward to a detailed solution so that other users find it useful as well.
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    nice rom Eathen vai

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