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  2. “ Don’t Share My Work In Any Other Group ” Warning Your Mobile Must Be Rooted Your warranty is now void I am not responsible for bricked devices Special Features Ultra Stylish Smooth UI Nova Launcher Added Amigo Music Player Xposed Installer Support Special Camera Features Bluelight Shield And Many More Bugs Flashlight Toggle In Quick Setting ROM : ROOT : Patch : How To Install Download the ROM, ROOT & Patch files Remove Google account from your mobile Go to Recovery Wipe data, system, cache and dalvik cache Install the ROM Install ROOT Install Patch Reboot Note : First Boot Take 10-15min So Relax
  3. Walton Primo GH2 Kitkat 4.4.4 Stock Custom ROM

    I can't download this rom plz help
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  5. 1st ever custom rom for Primo RH by Me

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  6. walton olvio L15

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  7. 1st ever custom rom for Primo RH by Me

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  8. Heya! Kali Nethunter is here for Primo GF4! Since @Brandon Indarwasn't response when I request for Kali Nethunter, so I do it myself! What is Kali Nethunter? Kali Nethunter is an Android ROM overlay (Not a full ROM!) that includes a robust Mobile Penetration Testing Platform. It can be used to carry out attacks such as; Wireless 802.11 frame injection, one-click MANA Evil Access Point setups, HID keyboard attack, as well as BadUSB MITM attacks. Notes: > Make sure you're using TWRP >TAKE A FULL BACKUP. Installing: > Go to TWRP > Install the zip > Reboot Post-Installation Setup: > Now that u have flashed and rebooted successfully, open "Nethunter" app and grant su permission. >Go to "Kali Chroot Manager" and grant permission, than tap "INSTALL KALI CHROOT", tap "Download Latest, and select Full/Minimal chroot according to your current storage space. >It will download. After download select "INSTALL KALI CHROOT" and it will install. >Once done, reboot. That's all. You have installed Kali Nethunter. Credits: - @Brandon Indar| I stole some infos from your thread - XDA of course - Myself - And you xd XDA:DevDB Information Kali Nethunter, Tool/Utility for the Walton Primo GF4 Contributors RendyAK ME (JUST PORTING) Version Information Status:Stable Created2017-04-16 Last Updated2017-04-15 ORIGINAL LINK: Downloads:Lollipop: UNISTALLER: DISCLAIMER: DO NOT INSTALL THIS IF U DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT IS. IT HAS GREAT POWER IN IT AND ALSO REQUIRES A LOT OF SPACE. SOO TREAD CAREFULLY. ITS STABLE AND I TESTED IT. IT WILL NOT KILL UR DEVICE. BUT IF IT DOES ITS NOT MY FAULT.
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  10. 1st ever custom rom for Primo RH by Me

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  11. 1st ever custom rom for Primo RH by Me

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  12. [PORT][ROM][5.1.1][BETA]Amigo OS for GF4

    এই রমে কি ভিপিএন কাজ করে
  13. Primo NH2 Firmware, Flashtool & Drivers

    Please Can You send me a link of previous Firmware (the first firmware before the OTA update of 16-012017)???
  14. Walton Primo E8

    Please help WaltonPrimo E8 is safe mode. How to exit safe mode.
  15. Primo E8 Firmware, Flashtool & Drivers

    Primo E8 is spd cpu so how can you want to use spflashtool? Please help Primo E8 is safe mode. how to exit safe mode.
  16. Zyntix Male Enhancement

    From the album Zyntix Male Enhancement

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  17. Link update plz. Plz
  18. Primo GH5 Firmware, Flashtool & Driver

    is not dan file cache,userdata notfound
  19. R4+ QUESTION & ANSWER | Help & Troubleshooting

    The 3rdpartycameraissueisnotyetsolvedforwaltonR4+.....aftertheupdate.
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