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BD Data Plan (2G & 3G)

Imran Imu


/monthly_2015_07/blog-0786983001417287293.png.548179fba613ae7e1024b76ecf747504.png" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image" style="float:left;">blog-0786983001417287293.pngDescription

☆☆☆ BD Data Plan App is for Bangladeshi mobile internet users ☆☆☆



☆☆☆ We update frequently to serve you the most updated info on data plan packages.

☆☆ The smallest sized data plan app in playstore but covers all the data plan info & services.

☆ A must have Bangladeshi app you should have @ur android, if you use mobile internet. BD Data Plan will help you to decide among hundreds of internet packages.

All Bangladeshi Mobile Operators' Internet Package info within one app. Using this BD Data Plan, you can purchase your preferred data plan very easily. AND even, you can compare among available data packs.

Special Features:


All Bangladeshi mobile operators' Internet Data Plan has been integrated and you can easily get that data pack using this app.

★ Grameenphone Prepaid/ Postpaid & 2G /3G Internet Package

★ Airtel Prepaid/ Postpaid & 2G /3G Internet Package

★ Teletalk Prepaid/ Postpaid & 2G /3G Internet Package

★ Robi Prepaid/ Postpaid & 2G /3G Internet Package

★ Banglalink Prepaid/ Postpaid & 2G /3G Internet Package

Other Features:


▬ Quick navigation from one operator to another

▬ Balance Inquiry

▬ Internet Balance Inquiry

▬ Add/Delete/Show FnF

▬ Get active voice package info

▬ Internet Usage Inquiry

▬ Activate Auto Renew

▬ De-activate Auto Renew

▬ Emergency Balance

▬ Check Own Number

▬ Check IMEI

Till V - BD Data Plan


➯ All mobile operators' prepaid/postpaid/2g/3g data plan has been included.

➯ The smallest sized data plan app in play store.

➯ Installation on external storage is now possible.

➯ This app now can be moved to the external storage.

➯ Resizeable UI supported for different screen sizes

➯ Useful services is now more functional

➯ Memory management improved.

Download Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.walton.internetdataplan


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